Fats , Oils and Grease ( FOG)

Connellsville Municipal Authority

Wastewater Treatment Plant


To all Kitchen Managers,


      The Connellsville Municipal Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant is taking steps to reduce as many sewer overflows as possible.

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) ….. One of the main causes of sewer overflows.  

     Kitchen grease is a menace to sewer pipes. It's a common mistake: Liquefied animal fats, grease and vegetable oils are often poured into drains, but they eventually solidify and clog pipes. That causes sewer lines to back up and leads to manhole overflows or private laterals to surcharge into homes or businesses.  

 What problems are caused by fats, oils & grease?

    Raw sewage overflows into the river and streams, rancid odors, expensive cleanup, repair & replacement of damaged property, potential contact with microorganisms that can cause diseases such as hepatitis & gastroenteritis.

 All restaurants and food service establishments must control fats, oils & grease discharges     from their facility.


  • All food service establishments that are connected to the Connellsville Municipal Authority’s sanitary sewer system must have a grease removal system such as a grease trap, grease interceptor or other devices that keep fats, oils, grease out of the sewer pipes.
  • Grease systems must be property installed, cleaned and maintained
  • Must keep records of cleaning, inspections and service.


Jerry Fox – Plant Manager

Connellsville Municipal Authority