We are an industry leader in municipal and fire suppression water storage tank inspections.

We specialize in ROV and drained inspections of all types and sizes of water storage tanks. We have extensive education and experience inspecting inground, groundlevel, and elevated tanks constructed out of poured in place reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, welded steel, riveted steel, bolted steel, glass lined bolted steel, fiberglass, and hydropneumatic tanks.  We inspect the tank exterior and the tank interior.  Since we are an independent inspection company and that we are not affiliated with other contractors or companies, our inspections are honest and thorough and complete.


Our husband and wife inspection team consists of a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and an assistant.  We have personally done about 4,000 inspections throughout the US and in Canada and in Mexico during the 32 years we have been in business since 1982.  We inspect about 150 tanks each and every year.  A Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) comes to your tank for your inspection.


We have inspected hundreds of tanks throughout PA, have been a member of PRWA for more than 20 years, and have taught classes for PRWA about tank inspection.  Ask anyone at PRWA about us.