Rate Information

Rates as of: 01/01/2021

(all charges are per EDU*)

 Water (minimum)

(includes 2000 gallons)        

Sewer (minimum)

(includes 2000 gallons)        


(per thousand)


(per thousand)

Residential $45.00/quarter $70.00/quarter $5.00 $3.75

Residential II

(West of Bickel's Crossing)

$45.00/quarter $75.00/quarter $5.00 $3.75
Commercial I $45.00/quarter $81.00/quarter $5.00 $3.75
Commercial II $45.00/quarter $98.00/quarter $5.00 $6.25
Industrial $45.00/quarter $98.00/quarter $5.00 $6.25
Institutional $45.00/quarter $98.00/quarter $5.00 $6.25











Please note: If water service is turned-off at the curb-stop to a property, a minimum fee is still assessed and payable.  



Water Tapping Fee - $1,429.00/EDU*

Sewer Tapping Fee - $4,074.00/EDU*

*EDU - Equivalent Dwelling Unit as defined in Attachment C of the Rules and Regulations of the Elizabethville Area Authority

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