GoH2O Features!

Take 5 minutes to read this page to fully understand your GoH2O.net account features.
<<< When logged into your account you will see the following options on your sidebar >>>

Top of Welcome Sidebar Visible Only to You When Logged In

  • Hi NEW USER! ~ Greetings!
  • Your Homepage ~ Return to your homepage.
  • GoH2O Features! ~ This page!
  • Special Offers (view*) ~ View GoH2O Special Offers and enable them on your sidebar.
  • Utility Offers (view*) ~ View GoH2O Utility Offers.
  • Utility Directory (view*) ~ View directory of GoH2O.net utilities.
  • Vendor Directory (view*) ~ View directory of GoH2O.net vendors.
  • Contact GoH2O (view*) ~ Email or Phone GoH2O!

Bottom of Welcome Sidebar Visible to Your Customers

  • Homepage (edit*) ~ Edit homepage and display notifications, defaults to Contact Info.
  • Notifications(0) (enable/send*) ~ Enable free notification sidebar link with email alerts.
  • Public Notifications(0) (enable/send*) ~ Enable full featured notification sidebar link with Swiftreach!
  • Online Payment (enable*) ~ Enable receipt of online payments via simple link or embedded form.
  • View CCR (enable*) ~ Enable direct link to your CCR for your customers.
  • Downloads (enable*) ~ Enable downloadable files for your customers.
  • Sidebar Links (enable/edit*) ~ Add/Edit links on your sidebar to addtional pages.
  • Contact Info (edit profile*)  ~ Edit password, contact information, choose banner and colors.
  • Admin (login / logout*) ~ Your login and logout links
  • Admin (view files*) ~ Your GoH2O account custom uploaded files.

Other Tips

  • Delete Pages? ~ Click (edit*) and then Delete at page bottom.
  • Be bold and enable features!  ~ You can always disable!

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