Are you prepared if you have a water service line break? You can avoid the headaches of expensive water line repair and replacement by signing up for Utilishield. It costs only $3 per month. 

Many customers assume the water service line is the water company's responsibility. Unfortunately they sometimes find out that it is the homeowner's responsibility when it is too late. 

Most customers assume their homeowner's insurance will cover the cost, but most homeowner's policies do not provide coverage for water service line repairs or replacements. 

Utilishield provides:

    • Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    • Quality work from knowledgeable professionals at no additional cost to you

    • Simple, convenient billing by including it with your monthly MTRWA water bill

    • Guaranteed work

An application is provided on our Downloads sidebar. Please complete and return application to:


                        P. O. Box 294

                        Snow Shoe, PA  16874

Coverage begins the month after the first payment is made. You will be billed an additional $3 on your monthly MRWA bill


If you are already a Utilishield subscriber and need service, call 1-877-947-3783.

Optional File Downloads: 

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