Possible Water Shut Down 4/20 and/or 4/21 plus Boil Water Notice

Post this important notification at the TOP of listings.: 

Possibility on Wednesday and/or Thursday there may be a water line shut down for the following areas:

All of Pleasantville Boro, Cortland and Scott, Barefoot and to 1285 Oldham Road - -                                                           Industrial Lane 107 to 145, all of Emerson, King St Clair Road 6717 and 6738 - -                                                           Quaker Valley Road starting at 4178 and heading west to 4498. 

This is all dependent on new line testing results, contractors and weather to proceed with project.  

If the lines are shut down you will need to Boil Water for 10 minutes that is used for consumption until further notice. 

(Landlords please notify your tenants.) 

If you have a different phone number or email that you would like to use to be notified please call 814-839-2965 or email wateralumbankpa@comcast.net.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                  

Water Authority