Water Line Shut Down and Boil Water Notice for 4/21 and 4/22/2022

Post this important notification at the TOP of listings.: 

The water will definitely be off Thursday, April 21st as early as 7 AM for the following locations:

  • 107 to 145 Industrial Lane
  • All of Emerson
  • 6717 and 6738 King St Clair Road
  • 4204 Quaker Valley Road

There is a BOIL WATER NOTICE on till Saturday afternoon if all tests come back clear.  We will notify you when notice is lifted.

Also, water maybe shut down on Thursday, April 21st as early as 7 AM and if not on Thursday definitely on Friday, April 22nd for the following locations: 

  • All of Pleasantville Boro
  • Cortland Road including Scott 
  • Barefoot Road and Oldham to 1285
  • Quaker Valley Road 4178 to 4498

There is also a BOIL WATER NOTICE once your service returns and you will be notified when the notice is lifted.  It is going to depend which day contractors can do the work. Landlords please notify your tenants.

Boil Water 10 minutes that you use for consumption or cleaning dishes and utensils.


Water Authority