The New Enterprise Water Association serves customers in the New Enterprise and surrounding areas of South Woodbury Township.  The Association serves 200 customers including several family operated farms and also provides water the the Salemville Water Association through an interconnect with that system.  NEWA utilizes two spring sources and one well source.  There are two main reservoirs used by the New Enterprise Water Association to provide storage of treated water for customer use.  

The New Enterprise Water Association would like to ask all customers to be good stewards with their water.  Water is a valuable resource that is often taken for granted.  For most of the year the spring source provides an abundant source of water, but at times those sources begin to dry up and increase the demand on the well source.  The Association asks all customers to report any leaks or any wet areas in the vicinity of the water lines to actively try and find and repair any leaks that may occur.  Even small leaks can become big leaks if not repaired in a timely manner.