Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co.

Serving municipal water and wastewater since 1963, Foxcroft Equipment & Service manufactures online analytical instrumentation and provides equipment to automate the monitoring and control of your plant or water system.

Online Analyzers & Monitors for:

  • Amperometric residual:
    • Bare electrode self cleaning, free and total chlorine Models FX-1000P, FX-CL
    • Reagentless Free Chlorine probe, no moving parts Model FX-CLF
    • Reagentless Total Chlorine probe, no moving parts Model FX-CLT
    • Reagentless Chlorine Dioxide probe, no moving parts Model FX-CLD
  • pH / ORP, specializing in difficult pH measurements-high temperature, mining, solvent resistance and more
  • Contacting Conductivity
  • ISE Fluoride, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, sodium, calcium, chloride and more
  • Dissolved oxygen (galvanic sensor type)
  • Toxic gas detection

Pre-Engineered or Custom Controls and Panels: for wells, tanks, pumps, filters, level, flow, pressure, turbidity

Controllers: compound loop and flow paced PID setpoint controllers

Chemical Feed Control Systems

Telemetry: wireless, wired, SCADA, remote monitors/dialers, circular chart recorders

Calbration Services: Flow, turbidity

Installation & Repair Services:  chlorination, metering pumps, instrumentation