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The Roulette Township Supervisors are pleased to announce that the Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report)  is now available to the general public.

The report will not be mailed out to all of the Roulette water system customers as in the past. The EPA and PADEP now allow electronic delivery of this report. RouletteTownship is taking advantage of this, which saves the Township the high cost of mass mailing the report. The web site used is provided at no charge to the Township by the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association.

As time goes on there will be other useful information available to residents on that web site related to our Water and Wastewater Treatment systems.

The Consumer Confidence Report is available at the following locations…

Online at (this will directly download or open the document)

On the Township Office Bulletin Board, located in the office at 80 Railroad Ave, Roulette, PA

On the Post Office Bulletin Board, located at 107 Main St., Roulette, PA

Paper copies are available from the Township Office on request, or by mail.

If you would like a copy mailed to you, please contact the Township Secretary at (814) 544-7549

If you have any questions related to the report, please feel free to contact the Township Office. The secretary will direct your question(s) to the Town Water Operator.

Thank you,

Roulette Township Supervisors