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This page contains news and information relative to water and sewer service provided by WBTW JMA, as well as forms or correspondence that may be downloaded.

Updated 3/28/2024

This spring and summer of 2024 Wood-Broad Top-Wells Joint Municipal Authority employees will be
checking vent pipes for dislodgement at customer houses. When these vent pipes become dislodged this
allows rain and ground water to run into the sewage system causing high flows at our sewage plant. The
sewage vent pipes are located outside of the home and stick out of the ground and are usually green
colored with a white or black cap. These vent pipes become dislodged due to ground frost and the
changing of the seasons. Sometimes the vent pipes can be easily pushed back down into the seals but
sometimes require hamming with a block of wood. If you have any questions please feel free to call the
office at 814.635.2354.

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